Voters Guide – YES on Prop. 1


The Progressive Voters Guide, put out by Fuse Washington, gives a big green check mark of YES on the City of Spokane’s Proposition 1. Here’s what they say about:

Vote YES on Spokane Proposition No. 1: Worker Bill of Rights

We need to do more to make sure our economy honors the dignity of work, and hard work pays off for every single person in Spokane. That’s where the Worker’s Bill of Rights comes in.

Many progressive organizations are supporting Proposition 1, or the Worker’s Bill of Rights. This change to the city charter would secure a right to a family wage (estimated currently at $18-22/hr) when working for a large employer with more than 150 employees, the right to equal pay for equal work, and the right not to be wrongfully fired. Proposition 1 would also limit a corporation’s power to override these rights.

If you want to take a stand for workers’ rights and challenge corporations that are given more rights than people, Vote Yes on Proposition 1.

You can find the online voters guide with the YES on City of Spokane Proposition 1 vote and other races and measures of interest to Spokane County voters at the Progressive Voters Guide website.