Endorsers of the Worker Bill of Rights:

Spokane Labor Organizations

  • Spokane Regional Labor Council
  • NE Washington and Northern Idaho Building and Construction Trades Council
  • Spokane Education Association
  • Heat and Frost Insulators and Asbestos Workers Local 82
  • International Association of Firefighters Local 29
  • International Brotherhood of Boilermakers Local 242 – Boilermakers Local # 242 supports the Worker Bill of Rights and any proposals that help working families make ends meet in today’s economy.
  • International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 73
  • International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 77
  • Laborers International Union Local 238
  • Sheet Metal Workers Local 55
  • Spokane Chapter of the Industrial Workers of the World
  • United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1439
  • United Association Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 44

Spokane Area Business Leaders and Social Justice Organizations

  • Holistic Chamber of Commerce Inland Northwest
  • John Stone – developer of Riverstone CDA – “Everybody deserves a living wage to support their family.”
  • PJALS – Peace and Justice Action League of Spokane
  • Spokane Rising Tide
  • Spokane Socialist Alternative – All workers have the right to a living wage and workplace protections. The Spokane community suffered the brutal consequences of the collapse of the capitalist economy in 2009. It is time for working people to fight back. When we fight, we win!  Solidarity!

State and Regional Organizations

  • 15 Now Oregon
  • 15 Now Tacoma
  • Washington Community Action Network

Political Organizations and Candidates

  • Green Party of Spokane County – We fully support the Worker Bill of Rights and hope that the idea spreads like wildfire across the land.
  • Candidate for Mayor of the City of Spokane Shar Lichty

National/International Activists, Authors, and Journalists

  • Noam Chomsky – Very important and timely.  Hope you have real success.
  • Thom Hartmann
  • Chris Hedges


  • Morton Alexander
  • Carrie Anderson
  • Mary Ann Bosky
  • Joe and Rosie Comine of Dancing Crow Media
  • Kathy Dellwo – I would be so happy to see the common good – The family, quality-of-life, community, our trees our water our air with more of a voice!    The economy is important but it is not everything!!  Money is only worth the tree and clean air it’s written on!
  • Earl Elias
  • Laurie Fleming
  • Art Hathaway – Workers have endured enough attacks by corporations, governments , and the media.  It is time to put an end to the attacks and to take action to protect the rights of workers.
  • Marion Hammer
  • Hollis Higgins – The capitalist exploitation of the value of labor must be regulated.
  • Terry Hill- A rising tide lifts all boats.
  • Kai Huschke
  • Alfredo LLamedo, MSW – This is the right thing to do! For far too long the rights of the worker have been trampled and tossed aside. It is time that our city leaders stand for the rights of the workers, instead of those like the DSP and the GSI which only care about their bottomline! The workers of Spokane deserve to be paid a living wage, not a wage that requires them to use public safety-net resources in order to make ends meet. It is time for the city government to step-up and protect the workers of Spokane from the greedy, profit driven corporations that abuse workers and the public at large by paying their workers a substandard wage that forces the taxpayers to provide assistance so that they can survive!!!
  • Charles Lightwalker
  • Adam McDaniel
  • Marianne Miller – Just imagine…you are walking in the shoes of a hard working laborer…would you like your voice to be ignored by people higher up the economic ladder, just because they can do that to you!!  You would protest too and demand that your voice be heard through “The Worker Bill of Rights”
  • Linda Moulder
  • Dave Plemons – I do endorse and have donated towards the Worker’s Bill of Rights.
  • Ben Read
  • Brad Read
  • Rick Schmidt – Proud to be a supporter of the Worker Bill of Rights
  • Suzanne Schreiner – “To sin by silence, when we should protest, makes cowards out of men.”   It is time to protest and we will be heard.
  • Christopher Schroll
  • Noah Skocilich
  • Alan Stancliff – I personally endorse the Workers Bill of Rights ballot initiative, and I urge all who live or vote in Spokane to support this effort, both financially and politically. Just as 15 Now Tacoma has become the central topic of political discussion in Tacoma, I predict that the Workers Bill of Rights will become the focus of political discussion in Spokane. You are fighting a historic battle, and your victory will be an inspiration for workers all over the northwest, the United States, and maybe even the world. Keep up the good work. We here in Tacoma are thrilled to see this happening in Spokane.
  • Jeff Stookey
  • Kindler Stout – I no longer tune [pianos] for Whitworth University but I very much care what Spokane citizens can do to further community rights.  Self-government is long overdue!
  • Mary Thamann
  • Jan Treecraft
  • Carolyn Wilcox

Show your support, endorse the Worker Bill of Rights!