Equal Pay for Equal Work

How it looks today…

Even after 50 years of the women’s liberation movement, women are paid, on average, 77 cents on equal_pay_2-20-121the dollar for performing the same work as men. In addition, other members of the Spokane community, whether it be legal immigrants or one’s gender identity, are vulnerable to being paid less for performing equal work.

Though Washington has a state level anti-discrimination act, there is both a need to reinforce what the state law holds as well as expand what it contains where it comes to equal pay justice here in Spokane.

What we know…

That even with strides taken to protect equal work for equal pay at the state and federal level the inequity continues.

More so than any other worker protection, right, or privilege in existence or needing to be secured, equal pay for equal work is fundamentally about fairness. Common sense tells us, if you perform the same job under the same conditions, you are due the same pay, plain and simple.

White paper on the gender pay-gap in the City of Spokane

Gender pay-gap at the City of Spokane

What it could be…

Adopting the Worker Bill of Rights would extend protections to all regardless of personal traits, qualities, or characteristics along with further reinforcing what state and federal law currently require. This would be Spokane’s recommitment, secured through local law, regardless of any attempts to weaken state or federal protections, that all workers are treated equally and fairly as required by the Worker Bill of Rights, and that those employers who don’t will be held to account for their unequal treatment of a worker.