Why a Worker Bill of Rights?

Depending what figures you reference, about half the United State’s population lives near or below the federal poverty line. This also means that one in five children in this country are living in poverty.

Spokane County and the City of Spokane are not immune to this national plague. They are communities struggling with the realities of what it means to have so many of our fellow citizens out of work, underpaid, and/or afraid of loosing their jobs for no cause.

Whether it’s been FDR’s Second Bill of Rights calling for a living wage to President Johnson’s “War on Poverty” to the Poor People’s campaign demanding economic justice of the 1960’s to the countless municipal plans to end homelessness to the rise of Occupy and it’s message of the inequity of the 99%, all of this and yet we haven’t succeeded in instituting the level of justice and equity for workers being called for over multiple decades.


The Spokane Worker Bill of Rights goes to root within three significant areas within the life of the worker. That is the right to a family wage when working for a large employer, the right to equal pay for equal work, and the right not to be wrongfully fired. The Worker Bill of Rights would also limit corporation’s power to override these rights.

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