The campaign to adopt a Worker Bill of Rights for the City of Spokane has long legs in the past. Whether you venture back to the early 20th century and the pivotal role Spokane played in the fight for increased protections of the working class all across this country to the 40+ year decline in worker protections and pay equity in Spokane and else where, its both a no-brainer and long overdue that the people of Spokane come together to secure basic rights for the workers of this community.

Looking to more recent history, this campaign is an extension of the work began 8 years ago to secure greater rights for workers through the Community Bill of Rights campaigns. In each of those campaigns, workers have been a central focus, whether it’s been about pay equity, constitutional rights in the workplace, or protecting collective bargaining rights.

The Worker Bill of Rights carries forward the effort and support of individuals and organizations here in Spokane that believe in pay for workers that allows for basic needs to be met, most specifically when working for a large employer, equal pay for equal work not matter your walk of life, and to be judged on whether you retain your job or not based on work performance.

This next round of the fight for workers is also about being clearly aware that so long as corporations are able to wield so-called greater “rights” than people or an entire community that equity, sustainability, and justice for workers cannot be achieved.